Goddess in the Doorway

Released 19 November 2001

Mick Jagger’s fourth proper solo album, “Goddess in the Doorway” was released in November 2001. Pete Townshend had been the initiating force behind the album, having heard some of Mick’s demos and telling him that they didn’t sound like Rolling Stones songs and that Mick should record them on his own. The first single “God Gave Me Everything” was co-written and co-produced by Lenny Kravitz who also played guitar and bass on the track.

Mick engaged five other co-producers on the album (in addtion to Kravitz). The majority of the tracks were co-produced by Marti Frederiksen (a frequent collaborator with Aerosmith in the 1990’s), and Matt Clifford (a Stones/Jagger collaborator since the “Steel Wheels days). Wyclef Jean and his partner Jerry Duplessis co-produced “Hide Away”. Mick started writing and demoing songs for the album in September 1999 at his home studios in France and England. The musicians engaged for the subsequent recording sessions included Pete Townshend, Jim Keltner, Bono, Joe Perry, Missy Elliott, Rob Thomas and Kenny Aronoff.

In December 2001, Jann Wenner, legendary editor, writer, and publisher of Rolling Stone magazine wrote in his five star review of the album: “In terms of consistency, craftsmanship, and musical experimentation, this album surpasses all of Jagger’s solo work and any Rolling Stones album since “Some Girls“. The album is almost entirely constructed around Jagger’s rhythm guitar. It is an insuperbly strong record that in time may well reveal itself to be a classic”. According to Wyclef Jean during the making of the album “I was watching Mick singing in a booth and was thinking wow what Mick just did reminds me of how Bono, Sting and the other great ones move. Then I realized I wasn’t watching Mick imitate, it was Mick simply being Mick. All of the others have taken pieces of him”.

In Micks own words: “These are all personal songs. The concept was all about creating personal songs that could be sung directly to you. If you wanted you could sing these songs in a kitchen more or less with an acoustic guitar. So the album would basically be like a guy with a guitar singing a tune. And if the songs would stand it, we wanted to have some orchestration with it as well. But it’s about the songs and what they are saying”.

“Alot of the album is just about me playing guitar and then getting other people involved. So I’m playing an awful lot, which as it goes on gets erased by other people coming in and playing better, but it’s still all based on these parts that I originally created”.

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